Ex-NFLer Nick Lowery goes for repeat win in CNBC's Stock Draft after riding Amazon, AMD last year

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Ex-NFL star Nick Lowery is hoping to hang on to his title of CNBC Stock Draft champion.

On Thursday, he’ll begin to defend his position when the 2019 CNBC Stock Draft kicks off on “Power Lunch.”

Ten teams will be vying for 60 investments, including Amazon, Tesla and Bitcoin. They will make one pick per round, for three rounds.

The contest begins with the closing prices on Thursday and ends with the closing prices on Jan. 31, 2020, the Friday before the Super Bowl. The winner is determined by the average percentage change of all three selections.

Lowery, former kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, took the top prize for the 2018 draft earlier this year, along with this Nick the Kick’s Pix teammate Wolfgang Koester of Fireapps. His stocks Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Advanced Micro Devices — ended the challenge up 37 percent.

“Timing is everything,” said Lowery, who joked at the time about unseating the 2017 champ, “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary. “It just makes it extra special.”

Advanced Micro Devices proved to be the key to Lowery’s success. The semiconductor company soared more than 100% during the 2018 stock draft. However, Lowery didn’t select the stock until the third round — and it was the second-to-last pick in the draft. Since Feb. 4, after the 2018 draft ended, AMD has gained almost 18%

Amazon was Lowery’s first pick. It was on fire most of last year but then fell into bear market territory in early 2019. It ultimately gained 7 percent during the challenge and is up 16% since Feb. 4. His worst-performing pick was Goldman Sachs. It fell about 18 percent during that time. The investment banks is up about 1% since the draft ended.

Lowery hasn’t tipped his hand about his preferences for 2019, but he is forth in line to pick in the draft. He’s competing against the likes of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, investment club The Beardstown Ladies and investment pro Tim Seymour.

Here is the draft order, chosen randomly last week:

  1. Tim Seymour (Seymour Alpha)
  2. Jarvis Green (The Green Machine)
  3. Bethenny Frankel (Team YES)
  4. Nick Lowery (Nick the Kick’s Pix) 5)
  5. Bobby Flay (Bobby’s Bulls)
  6. Maria Ho (Blue Chip Leaders)
  7. Noah Syndergaard (Thor’s Hammer)
  8. Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful)
  9. Oz Pearlman (Oz Knows)
  10. Beardstown Ladies

Tune into “Power Lunch” on Thursday at 2pm ET to watch the 2019 CNBC Stock Draft teams chose their investments.

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