Jeffrey Gundlach says Fed this week was 'not reassuring' and S&P 500 still in bear market

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DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach spoke to CNBC on Thursday:

Wapner: Were you surprised by Fed’s dovish double-down on Wednesday?

Gundlach: I think you have to be. I predicted they would go from two hikes this year to 0.5, and everyone told me there was no way they would downgrade it that far. But they went even further!

And what the heck is that “1 hike in 2020” thing about? It seems almost desperate.

Fed has gone from “we got this” to “we’ll get back to you”. Not reassuring.

Wapner: Do you still think we’re in a bear market or has the Fed’s pivot (and double-down) changed the game?

Gundlach – Yes to bear market. In 2007 the Fed went from “biased to tighten” to an “emergency ease” in just a few weeks. The S&P celebrated with a push to essentially a double top over the ensuing several weeks.

This pivot from December’s hawkishness seems metaphorical to that period.

Fed says oil down is part of their motivation. Oil is up substantially from the December meeting.

Why won’t they give a reason for this that is at least factually correct?

Say Trump demanded it. Say you are worried about Europe, or China, or the yield curve, or retail sales, or GDP now.

But stop with the gaslighting.

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