Josh Brown Live: @ReformedBroker on IPOs and earnings season

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Hi, I’m Josh Brown.

You might know me from such TV programs as “Fast Money” and “Halftime Report.”

But when I’m not on the desk discussing the markets with Scott and the gang, I am the CEO of a wealth management firm based in midtown Manhattan, serving investment clients from coast to coast.

We get all kinds of questions from our clients about how markets work, what economic information we factor in to our investment process, how to construct a portfolio, how to build inflation hedges, what types of accounts are best for after tax dollars and a lot more.

Sometimes we know the answers and sometimes we’re forced to do our own research in order to help. A lot of the research we do makes its way onto our blogs, our TV appearances and our social media accounts.

Today we’re going to be trying something totally new, and we hope you like it. We’re taking questions from investors live on Twitter and trying to give them the most helpful context we can in response.

We’re going to arrange this 20-minute live Q&A around a handful of timely topics, and we’d love to answer your questions on any of them. Specifically, we’re tackling earnings season and investing in IPOs.

Earnings season produces a lot of volatility in individual equities, and loads of juicy headlines for the media to chew on. But how should individual investors approach these periods? What information should they be armed with? What trading strategy makes the most sense for people with a time horizon that extends past the current week? I would love to discuss this during the show, so hit me up with a question on the topic.

And with the recent pickup of the IPO calendar, investors are asking all sorts of questions about whether or not they ought to be involved. While I can’t give you a buy or sell opinion on any specific deal that’s coming out, I can give you some helpful information so that you are better informed before making this decision.

I hope you get something out of our live Twitter Q&A. My friend Dominic Chu will be helping me out as we dive into the stream for your queries. Thanks so much for being a part of it and helping us out.

Reply to the tweet below to submit your question on these topics. We’ll see you at 11 a.m. ET!

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