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SVMK Inc.: Dynamite. Fabulous quarter. A lot of people didn’t react to it correctly at the beginning. When they dug down, they liked what [CEO] [Zander Lurie] had to say, and I did, too. The stock came too cheap. It should never have been down where it was.”

Axsome Therapeutics Inc.: “Yeah, they got some sort of great breakthrough designation on a new drug, but we’re not gonna cuff it. No how, no way, we’re gonna find out what that [is] about. We have a list of homework and we better get it—maybe the dog at it.”

Sprint Corp.: “No, no, no. We’re sellers [of] Sprint. If you wanna play that, you gotta play T-Mobile, which is the one I’ve been behind the whole way. [CEO] John Legere knows I’ve been behind it even when he’s wavered, I’ve been there.”

NIO Inc.: “I do not want you in this stock ultimately, but I can’t” tell you to sell here. “That would be a mistake.”

General Electric Co.: “It does feel like it’s gonna” get to “$10. I feel, look, it’s [CEO] Larry Culp. He’s doing his thing. It’s gonna take a little while. It’s not an overnight fix. He’s approaching it correctly. I wouldn’t touch it.” Inc.: “Maybe it goes up. To me it’s a dice roll and I don’t invest that way. I like to have more than dice.”

American Water Works Co. Inc.: “It’s been fine. I’ve liked that forever. I mean, I never had a problem with that one. It’s just a good stock, it’s slow growth. slow and steady wins the race.”

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