The first thing to think about when landing a $10,000 pay day

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Josh Brown took some questions from his Twitter following during a new live CNBC digital show.

One person asked: “How should a commission-based individual invest? For instance, I had no money to invest the past few months, but a recent closing has left me with $10,000 to invest today. I’m 33, no kids, student debt is deferred. Thx!”

The first thing to consider, according to @ReformedBroker, is to invest the money in some sort of a tax deferred account, whether it’s an IRA or a 401(k). That means you wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the money that is invested today, as long as you save it for retirement.

For a person in their 30s, he also said a target-date fund would be a smart move. That’s a type of investment fund that allows you to pick the year you want to cash out, and the asset allocation will automatically become more conservative over time. “Don’t worry about rebalancing. Don’t worry about how much risk. Target date will get the job done at a very low cost,” Brown said.

But the biggest piece of advice he could give to a young, working person: Do what it takes to set yourself up for increased earnings in your career, whether that’s taking more tests and certifications or moving to another city where your skills are more in demand.

“I would spend more time being concerned with, ‘How do I get the next $10,000? And the next.’ … The best investment you can make is #InvestInYou,” he said.

Watch the full live show in the tweet below:

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Disclosure: Josh Brown is a CNBC commentator; NBCUniversal and Comcast Ventures are investors in Acorns.

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